Test automation can save money and retain customers

Test Automation

Releasing software without testing it is like serving food without tasting it... you'll likely have unhappy customers. Thankfully, there are several software testing options.

  • Unit Tests
    • The most typical option. They are good in some scenarios, but can also be very expensive to write and maintain. Additionally, they will often force code to be written differently in order to comply with tests, which can be good or bad.
  • Test Automation
    • Setting up automated tests is arguably much more cost effective than unit testing (arguments: Is TDD Dead?, Create a Test Automation Framework). Each case is different and there are trade-offs, but test automation should be considered in your application testing strategy.

Selenium has grown to be the industry standard for browser automation.

When Selenium is implemented correctly and bundled with supporting technologies, it's amazing how much testing can be executed with very little effort. As with any technology, there's a difference between simply using it, and using it correctly. Applying patterns like the Page Object pattern to your test code will result in cleaner code and will allow extremely quick composition of new tests.

Wonder Ward can help with a variety of challenges related to testing. We can run tests in C# as well as other languages. 

Test Automation Services:

  • Test plan discovery
  • Page object library development
  • Selenium and QA automation training
  • DevOps and cloud integration
Rock pile with sky and clouds

Selenium is great for ensuring pages displays what you expect.  Applitools is great for ensuring that pages display how they should.

Integration with Applitools SaaSis one of the few proprietary costs associated with running Selenium, but it is often well worth the investment.  For a small monthly cost, you'll be able to do visual regression testing as frequently as you want, completed in just seconds. Without this tool, you would have to use manual testers review each release on multiple browsers and compare to past releases to ensure they all look the same. With Applitools, you can handle all this more quickly, more accurately, and more cost effectively.

From a technology standpoint, Applitools fits in seamlessly with your existing Selenium testing strategy, and especially well if you're using a cloud service such as Sauce Labs. It is extremely easy to implement to a new or existing project.

Big project or small, Applitools is a cost effective way to get notified when your site might not look like it should.

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