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About Wonder Ward

Wonder Ward is a software solution company focused on leveraging cloud services and training clients. It was founded in January 2014 by software developer Mark Stoddard, who at that time was focused on the Umbraco CMS. Today, Wonder Ward builds software solutions primarily around .NET and Microsoft cloud services like Azure and Visual Studio Team Services. DevOps services such as SauceLabs test cloud are often utilized. Every solution is unique.

In regards to software development process, I utilize the ideals from the Agile Manifesto. This can be anywhere from a simple Kanban Board for a small effort, to a more formal Scrum process for more complicated solutions.
Whatever the methodology, the goal is always to deliver value quickly.

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Customers should be able to purchase a great solution and own it freely.  Freedom of ownership means being able to make a great product even better.         Mark Stoddard — Software Developer
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Mark Stoddard 
— Software Developer

Mark Stoddard is the owner and a software developer fueling Wonder Ward. Always living around Lake Michigan, he was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but has developed his software career in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Large Midwest cities are great for finding clients needing high quality software development.  Mark has written software for companies in most of the major cities of the area including Milwaukee, Chicago, Grand Rapids, and Minneapolis.  The area is also great for being a .NET developer, and using Microsoft products in general.  There are large, historic companies in the area which require robust, dependable system.  The Microsoft ecosystem including the .NET framework and Microsoft Azure strive deliver a complete platform for enterprise solutions.

«I started Wonderward out of necessity for billing for a contract, and continued growing it due to the freedom it allows», explains Mark.

What differentiates Mark's style from some others is that it's a blend of proven techniques with modern technology.  Most developers can't explain MVC let alone know that it's a technique from the 1980s.    Similarly, most developers who use 'Agile' as a noun couldn't state one of the core values of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development,  or one person involved in it's writing, or when or where it was written.  When proven concepts are really understood, software solutions become structured and easily understandable, and clients become happier as they receive working software on a regular basis.

Mark's passion for software has always been a strong force in his professional life.  From landing his first .NET job never having used it before to speaking at the Umbraco uWest conference in Las Vegas, success always follows passion.  The next chapter in Marks career is to continue learning and developing software solutions, but also to spread more of his knowledge to those who need and desire it.

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